You promised me the ending would be clear, but don't let me know we're invisible

Dead or alive, bring me the disco king

I go by Imadra Blue, Jaxmari (Jax for short), or J. Take your pick. I am imadra-blue at Tumblr. You can also find me on Dreamwidth, also as imadra_blue. For legal purposes, I am over the age of 21.

Feel free to friend and defriend at will. You don't have to ask, but if you want me to friend you back, drop me a line. I'm always happy to meet and talk to new people.

This journal is a mixture of personal and fandom content. I f-lock some content, both personal and fandom, though most of my fandom posts, fics, and other fandom works will be public. I have a wide variety of fannish interests in books, films, television, anime, manga, and videogames. I also have a wide variety of interests in academic subjects, especially East Asian culture and popular culture. My real life topics may include anything from my health to my family to food to some current controversy to the weather report. I am neither conservative nor liberal and neither atheist nor religious. And yes, I find my fence rather comfortable. I get great reception over here.

My fics can be found on my LJ memories or tags (all fics that comply with LJ standards), delicious (more recent work over 500 words), AO3 (eventually will host all my fics), Skyehawke (my personal favorites), and Fanfiction.Net (500+ word fics edited down to or rated at and below R [M on the site]).

Disclaimer: This journal contains fictional stories that in no way reflect any real events, actions, or opinions of the writer. No money is made, and no copyright infringement is intended. Any characters that are not my original creations featured within belong to their creators, who I am not affiliated with.

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