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Ah, nothing like the sweet smell of Padawan carcass in the morning.

Upon finding out about Anakin Skywalker's new Padawan, the now infamous Ahsoka Tano, we all knew she was pretty much going to be Padawan cannon fodder, since it's pretty clear by RotS that she's not going to make it that far. So the question we all have on our minds is how will the little sproglet die? Given Anakin's wonderful track record with children (including his own), we can only conclude that poor Ahsoka will die a miserable death. I listed what I think are the most probable, but please add your own theories. Bonus points for any and all uses of gallows humor.

Poll #1134359 How will Ahsoka Tano die?

How will Anakin's new Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, die?

Anakin accidentally cuts off her hand in lightsaber practice, hides her under the cot before Obi-Wan can see, and forgets about her. She dies three days later from her wounds.
Anakin leaves her out in the rain. She catches pnuemonia and dies.
Anakin forgets her on the burning starship. While he's riding the escape pod to safety, she gets exploded in her sleep.
Anakin runs out of food. He mistakes Ahsoka for some sort of space poultry and roasts her for dinner.
Anakin lets her run loose in the downlevels while visiting Padme. Ahsoka gets run over by a landing airspeeder. Anakin never notices until Obi-Wan questions him about Ahsoka's whereabouts.
Anakin ignores the special diet that Togrutas follow and feeds her something that makes her all puffy and bloaty. He laughs at her, and she dies of shame.
Anakin sees a suspicious intruder walking towards camp and orders the clone troopers to kill it. He suddenly remembers as Ahsoka's body tumbles down the hill that he sent her scouting for berries.
Anakin leaves her behind on one of the planets they visit. She dies of exposure a week later.
Ahsoka doesn't die. She realizes she has a low chance of survival while apprenticed to Sir Happy Lightsaber and runs away to be a dancer in the Outer Rim.
Dooku meets her and feeds her to his pet rancor.
Palpatine, realizing he needs to nudge Anakin closer to the dark side, orders a clone to kill her.
Padme, annoyed that Anakin spends more time with his apprentice than her, poisons Ahsoka.
Obi-Wan, sick of the stereo whining, smothers her with her own pillow one night.
Asajj eats her with intergalactic ketchup. (See also Dooku.)
Other. (Please, share the humor.)

Well, I suppose Anakin could be mature enough to hand her to another Master before RotS and she simply dies during the execution of Order 66 like all the other Jedi, but where's the fun in that?
Tags: i should probably put the sarcasm down, oh lucasfilm what hath you wrought?, star wars makes everything better
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