14 October 2014 @ 02:54 pm
Well, I pretty much live on tumblr these days, but I am going to try and update my Dreamwidth more, especially as I face spoilers on a game I really want to play but can't until next year (Dragon Age: Inquisition). I'm so sorry to be absent. Still in Japan teaching English. :)

I won't be checking my f-list here, but I will crosspost (provided it still works). I will be checking my Dreamwidth list, so if you're on there, please friend me, and I'll friend you back, no questions asked.

Right now, pretty heavily into the Dragon Age fandom, with a side interest in the MCU fan (mostly just for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and anything Bucky and Natasha related in the MCU). Looking forward to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV next year.

So, if you're still up for it, please play with me on Dreamwidth as imadra_blue or tumblr as imadra-blue.

See you around, hopefully.
25 November 2013 @ 10:16 pm
I've been terrible about updating here, but I got a job in Japan, teaching English! I'm leaving early tomorrow morning, and I'll be back whenever I have internets again. I'll try to be on more when I'm away. It will be easier, actually, as I'll be living alone. Love ya guys. ♥
It only took me half of forever, but here are the filled fic prompts from the LJ side of the fic requests. Writer's prompt and drastic life changes caused the delays, but I got through it, somehow. I'll even post a couple to AO3 (where I post most of my fic). Thanks for all the prompts, everyone. They are greatly appreciated.

Title: "Deadbranch Grove"
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Draco Malfoy (with guest appearances by Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Teddy Lupin)
Request: azurecerulean, "Harry Potter gen story, please. I'm okay with any character except Umbridge or Skeeter. Any any topic will do, but if the drabble contains a magical element, it'll brighten my day even more. ♥"
Notes: Inspired by my tag rambling on this Tumblr post. Might form the basis for an opening chapter in a fic I'm considering. Sorry if the magical element isn't strong enough. Ideas are at a premium lately.
Word Count: 520

'<i>Lumos</i>,' Draco Malfoy whispered, and pointed his wand straight ahead.Collapse )

Title: "Ladies First"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters/Pairings: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon
Request: pronker, "Um, so ... non-slashy *unless you want to* situation with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in drag. Forced to, strange local custom, lost a wager, whatever."
Notes: I'm so sorry. I couldn't do porn or slash.
Word Count: 180

'You look prettier than usual, Obi-Wan,' Qui-Gon rumbled, not bothering to conceal his grin.Collapse )

Title: "The First Day"
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Neville
Request: laridian, "Harry Potter, Neville, something fluffy after the end of the books."
Notes: Post-canon, Neville's first class as a Hogwarts professor.
Word Count: 400

On his first day as a Hogwarts professor, Neville worried about the Slytherin class the most.Collapse )

Title: "Carry On"
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters/Pairings: Zack/Cloud
Request: avari_maethor, "FFVII, Pairing: Zack/Cloud OR Zack/Angeal (your choice), Prompt: Training injury"
Notes: Quite fluffy. May cause cavities.
Word Count: 268

Cloud had never felt more awkward in his life than now, with Zack holding him like a blushing bride.Collapse )

Title: "Lost Possibilities"
Fandom: Naruto
Characters/Pairings: Neji/Shikamaru
Request: aur_in_hue, "Naruto, Pairing: Neji/Shikamaru, Prompt: Bookstore."
Notes: Set before and after the war. Pre-slash, really. I felt like a complete dick writing this story. >.>
Word Count: 850

The first time Shikamaru really noticed Neji, it was in Konohagakure's only surviving bookstore.Collapse )

Title: "Fully Human"
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin (aka Attack on Titan)
Characters/Pairings: Eren/Levi
Request: erin_c_1978, "Attack on Titan, Pairing: Eren x Levi, Prompt: Respect. "
Notes: Set dring the "Prelude to Counterattack" story line. I'm not sure I got the dynamic right, and I apologize. Finding voices for Eren and Levi were not that easy, and I'm not sure this is their relationship. This is more gen with a hint of pre-slash, if anything.
Word Count: 371

Cleaning the old headquarters had left everyone exhausted, but Eren could not sleep.Collapse )

Title: "A Dark and Stormy Knight"
Fandom: Final Fantasy Tactics
Characters/Pairings: Agrias, Ovelia (after a fashion), and Delita
Request: lassarinarose, "Tactics, Ovelia and Agrias, trust. (Shippy or gen, your choice; I'm delighted with either. And yes my icon is intentionally bringing the creepershark to this fandom.)"
Warning: Character Death
Notes: Based on the extra scene in the War of the Lions port where Agrias and Ovelia speak one last time at Zeltennia Castle. Set after the game ends. I feel like I should apologize. But your icon brought the creepershark, and so did I. >.> Also, sorry for the pun in the title. /o\
Word Count: 1001

Agrias could still feel Ovelia's hands on hers, though Ovelia had been dead for years now.Collapse )

Title: "Making Payments"
Fandom: Darker than Black/Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Stiles/Derek
Request: maajaml, "Darker than Black Sterek AU?"
Notes: I'm not in any way good at crossovers. It's kind of a mess and ends abruptly, even for one of my drabbles. I'm so sorry.
Word Count: 277

After he killed the other two Contractors, Derek seemed to deflate.Collapse )

Title: "Cogs in the Machine"
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Characters/Pairings: Snow/Hope
Request: hiddenfacade, "FFXIII, SnowxHope. There's like, no fics for this pairing, or at least not when I last checked. Something angsty, but with a kind of 'light at the end of the tunnel' type thing."
Notes: Set mid-game, while they're on Gran Pulse. Not very shippy, unfortunately. I fail at romantic ideas lately.
Word Count: 504

Hope had not expected to make so much money off the Trapezohedron.Collapse )
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14 October 2013 @ 03:18 pm
My letter is here, if that's what you want.

If you're the type who wants to look at my interests, awesome! Hope we can talk someday. I recommend checking out my Tumblr here, or if you want to see the things I write, my AO3 is here (for my recent fics--if you want my older stuff and every random drabble I write, check out my LJ memories here). My LJ (and DW, which is a mirror of here in most cases) are not really being used and haven't been much for the last year or two. I do appear here occasionally, but it's infrequent. All opinions stated here are likely old, unrefined, and probably make me wince.

If my journal goes friends-only (which it might), I'll post other links and leave this post open.
Okay, here's the first batch of flashfics written for all the requests on the DW post here. I will get to the LJ requests next, after I get more work done for my PhD applications. These were all great practice to get me writing again. Thank you for making the requests. I apologize for how rough and forced and even repetitive some (or all) are. Writing is tough going for me lately. Fics arranged by fandom, in alphabetical order by title.

Title: Nagasaki
Fandom: Samurai Champloo
Characters/Pairings: Jin/Mugen
Request: [personal profile] tsubasafan, "…i'd love some Jin/Mugen or Erwin/Levi."
Notes: I went with Jin/Mugen since I had some inkling of an idea, and I haven't read the manga for SNK yet.
Word Count: 434

Jin sat by the open door of his small cabin, yukata half open, and contemplated the view.Collapse )

Title: Open Door, Open Invitation
Fandom: Soul Eater
Characters/Pairings: Spirit/Stein
Request: [personal profile] traxits, "Soul Eater! Spirit/Stein, maybe?"
Notes: I'm taking that "maybe" as the prompt, even if it wasn't meant to be. :D Set shortly after Spirit and Stein helped defeat the Star Clan.
Word Count: 563

The door opened, but did not shut.Collapse )

Title: Things Black*Star Does For Attention
Fandom: Soul Eater
Characters/Pairings: Black*Star/Death the Kid
Request: [personal profile] ukefied, "Soul Eater, Black*Star/Death the Kid…I remember that a couple times Black*Star fought out his frustrations or confidence issues by deliberately provoking Kid."
Notes: Post-Manga
Word Count: 306

'So I bet you think you're something now, don't you?'Collapse )

Title: Dinner Conversation
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters/Pairings: Leia/Han
Request: [personal profile] trouble, "…Han/Leia fic. How did Han respond to finding out that Leia is Darth Vader's daughter?"
Notes: Post-OT trilogy.
Word Count: 265

'Okay.'Collapse )

Title: The Power of Confession
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters/Pairings: Padmé, Anakin, Obi-Wan
Request: [personal profile] beatrice_otter, "Star Wars! …Anakin/Padme where Padme doesn't try to downplay Anakin's nightmares, she is practical and knows her husband has prophetic dreams and drags him with her to her next checkup as well as telling Obi-Wan so that protection can be arranged."
Notes: Not very shippy, but sort of an AU where Padmé's confession has a huge effect.
Word Count: 438

Padmé stood outside the observation window, watching the medibots examine Anakin inside the treatment room.Collapse )

Title: No Place Like Home
Fandom: Superman Returns
Characters/Pairings: Richard, Martha Kent, Clark, Lois
Request: [personal profile] beatrice_otter, "Superman Returns, Lois/Richard and Clark…all of them visiting Ma Kent out in Kansas."
Notes: Post-film. Very much gen, though Lois and Richard's relationship remains as it is in canon.
Word Count: 949

Richard had no idea what to do inside a small farmhouse in Kansas.Collapse )

Title: Cry Wolf
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Jackson
Request: [personal profile] traxits, "…how about a Teen Wolf, Derek/Jackson?"
Notes: Set between Season 2 and Season 3.
Word Count: 297

C'mon. It'll be fun.'Collapse )

Title: Won't Say Goodbye
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Derek, Cora, Scott, Stiles
Request: [personal profile] nan, "Teen Wolf, Derek doesn't understand the force that is Scott+Stiles."
Notes: Set right after the mid-Season 3 finale.
Word Count: 293

Derek had never known friendship like that.Collapse )
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05 September 2013 @ 03:26 pm
I have been completely unable to write. No motivation. Been distracted by personal things. But I need practice before I go straight back into either a fan novel I want to write or my original novel that has two whole pages complete. And I'd really appreciate a distraction.

So, if you're interested, I will write you a drabble or a flashfic (my choice) of ANY character or ANY pairing (your choice) of a fandom I am familiar with (your choice). Just name the fandom, your character or pairing, and a prompt of whatever choosing you'd like to leave. I probably won't write porn, but I guess I could try.

Here's a list of fandoms I know. It's not exhaustive, so just ask if you want to check a fandom.
- Harry Potter
- Star Wars (films and The Clone Wars animation, some EU books)
- Naruto
- Soul Eater
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Final Fantasy IV, VI, VII, VIII, XIII (first game only), Tactics (I've played more, but it's been too long to write on them)
- Final Fantasy XV (if you don't mind the canon's not out yet)
- Dragon Age series
- Mass Effect series
- Arrow
- Teen Wolf
- Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan (anime only, haven't had a chance to read the manga yet)
- Fate/Zero
- Psycho-Pass
- K Project (anime)
- Chrono Trigger
- Superman Returns
- Vampire Hunter D
- Darker than Black
- Samurai Champloo

... and I got tired of writing things. Just ask if you want to know. I'm not expecting a whole lot of people (maybe no one!), but hey, I like practice, and if I think someone else wants it, it's some kind of motivation I can't produce on my own. I'll try to have them done within a week?
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23 August 2013 @ 02:00 am
Ah, so I obviously frequently forget about LJ/DW. Not abandoning them, but admitting I don't use them very often. I do sometimes still read the f-list. My new job and general apathy mean I have a hard time really engaging, and I'm so sorry. If you've not already abandoned ship, I continue to understand doing so. If you like, I am imadra-blue on Tumblr, and I'm more active there. I have many, many fandoms, and yet none at all, given my limited activity. I participate in the odd fic fest, but don't write much. I mostly post random things attached to my many fandoms, a bit on my personal life, as well as some interest in feminism and race issues when I feel political.

I hope all of you are doing well. If you care to drop me a line, let me know what's going on, or just say hi, feel free. I'll try to do the same.
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03 June 2013 @ 05:03 am
Hello everyone!

Been quite a long time. I got completely sucked into Tumblr. I'm imadra-blue there, and if you wish to follow each other, just let me know. I also graduated with my Master's of Liberal Arts in Film and New Media Studies! :D Maybe I'll post pics of it soon. Very pleased about that... except now I am unemployed and out of school, and the lack of structure is a bit rough on my mental health. I've written a few fics this year, and I'll eventually post them here. I'm just quite lazy.

I'm just here to apologize for being absent. I'm trying to read my f-list here now, and I'll try to be more involved. My fandoms are always changing, though, lol. But Teen Wolf Season 3 starts tonight, yay! So there's one thing. Writing some Dragon Age fics. Debating Harry Potter fics with Harry/Draco and Naruto fics starring Shikamaru in an elaborate AU.

So, if you're feeling up to it, let me know how you've been doing. I'm starting the f-list anew, so I would appreciate the catch-up. I hope you're all well. I have never forgotten you guys as an awesome group of people. ♥
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20 December 2012 @ 04:34 am
I am now going to try and be on LJ/DW more. I've been on Tumblr primarily (as imadra-blue if anyone wishes to join me, I'm happy to follow back, just drop me a note), as it's easy and lightweight. But LJ/DW is more meaningful, and I've missed all of you. I've been so out of this year, especially in the last half, when my life imploded. But the semester is over, and I have a holiday break (yay!).

My fandoms right now are currently Naruto (omg don't talk to me about the last two chapters unless you want me to bawl all over you), Shikamaru (yes, he's a fandom), Psycho-Pass, Soul Eater, K Project, and Samurai Champloo. That's what I'm most liekly to write. I also flit about Once Upon a Time, Skyfall, Black Butler, and Dragon Age. Life is speeding up, so it's not like I expect to be active!

Holiday fics may be super late this year, as I got far less time off than I thought, and since I host and cook Christmas for 15 people for two days, I'm really busy with preparations. I'll lurk about, and try to comment when I can't. One reason I like Tumblr is because I can offer support so much more easily with a like.

Take care, all. I'll try to be around more. ♥
19 October 2012 @ 05:42 pm
I keep forgetting I have a DW or a LJ. I'm so sorry. Tumblr ate me. I really like it. Visually-based social media! *fistpump* I'm imadra-blue on there in case I can tempt you to join me. I post shiny pictures, I promise! Not just Shikamaru, but lots of stuff! It's my happy place right now. If you do, drop me a note so I can follow back.

Thank you so much for all the well-wishing on my brother. He's doing okay at home so far, though he struggles with taking a bath and using the toilet, since the landlords refuse to let us make adjustments for his handicap. We even bought the stuff and just asked for them to install the handholds since we don't have equipment for installation, and it's their building, but they refused. I'm kinda pissed about that.

Also, thank you all for the advice on my pink eye. I tried to just take the amoxicillin, but they wouldn't get better, and I was suffering badly. So I ponied up the cash for the clinic visit and a prescription. At least Walgreens gave me a half-off discount for no insurance. I was happy with that.

My apologies for not responding individually. I felt like I would jsut be repeating a lot of the same thank yous, lol.